Create real meaning for every employee and every achievement.

The first employee engagement platform 100% impact-oriented.

Redefining employee engagement

At Bravvo, we believe gift cards, vouchers, or alarm clocks hold zero meaning for your employees, especially for the new generation.

We offer a new way to recognize and engage with your top talent. Through AI-powered assistance for managers and a curated selection of impact-oriented rewards, Bravvo helps you provide meaningful recognition.

From personal development goals like stress management courses to real-world social impact projects like building a well in Africa, Bravvo offers a unique path to achievement for every employee across the globe.

Democratizing company impact

Bravvo puts your company’s existing CSR budget directly in the hands of your employees. This empowers them to take ownership of your social responsibility initiatives and builds a deeper connection to the company’s impact.

Social Impact

With Bravvo, your team can easily convert their Bravvo points to support causes they care about. Search and filter hundreds of impactful projects, from providing meals to rainforest conservation.

Sustainable gifts

Recognize achievements and inspire eco-conscious choices with our curated selection of Eco-friendly gifts and goods made from sustainable, recycled materials and ethical methods.

Personal development

Give your employees the tools to grow with personalized development opportunities. They can choose from a curated selection of courses, from stress management to leadership training, all redeemable with Bravvo points

Achievement to Impact Flow

1. Achieve

Employees take on challenges, get nominated for awards, and give peer-to-peer recognition.

2. Collect

For each achievement, employees earn Bravvo points.

3. Impact

Employees redeem their Bravvo points to make an immediate impact.

Our employee engagement platform enables companies of any size —from 100 to 100,000— to celebrate great work in the moment with impactful rewards.

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To generate a compelling recognition

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Ready to use challenges and awards templates 

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Impactful rewards

“Business can be a force for good, as long as its purpose is not merely to make money but serve the community and satisfy societal needs sustainably.”

Andre Hoffmann, Member of the Board of Trustees 
of the World Economic Forum

From Millennials to Gen Z, turn your employees into genuine culture advocates and build your employer brand with Bravvo.

We’re here to help you recognize every achievement and milestone of your employees.

Whether you have an outdated recognition program or none at all, we’re here to help you craft a program that builds real excitement and participation. Our trusted teams will help you build a business case, recommend program best practices and budget scenarios, and arm you with the collateral & comms needed for a successful launch and rollout.

Looking for the best way to reward, recognize and incentivize your top people? ​

Connect with our team for a personalized demo of our recognition and rewards platform and see our hand-curated impact programs.