Cultivate a culture of purpose with Bravvo's impactful rewards.

In today’s work environment, fostering a sense of purpose alongside engagement is key to a thriving workforce. Studies show that impactful experiences, beyond traditional rewards, leave a lasting impression on employee well-being, dedication, and loyalty. Cultivate a culture of purpose and engagement with Bravvo’s impactful rewards.


Everyday Rewards for a Global Difference

For decision-makers, offering personalized, impact-oriented rewards at scale can feel impossible. Bravvo empowers every employee to make a global difference, right from their desk. Our platform unlocks a world of impact-oriented rewards, allowing you to strategically leverage your CSR budgets. Employees can choose rewards that resonate with them, turning everyday actions into meaningful contributions.


Social Impact
Sustainable Gifts
Personal Development

Track Your Impact Journey with Bravvo.

Bravvo goes beyond rewards. We empower companies to measure and showcase their social responsibility efforts. Our comprehensive impact reports detail employee-driven contributions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). See the tangible difference your organization is making in the world, and inspire continued positive action.


Collective Action, Real Results. We Collaborate for a Better Tomorrow.

Bravvo goes beyond celebrating employee achievements; it empowers them to drive real change. We partner with a diverse network of impact-driven NGOs, non-profit organizations, and startups. Our team meticulously curates a selection of impactful projects across a wide range of issues, including environment, education, health, income generation, fair trade, etc.

Inspired by our partner B1G1‘s innovative approach, we break down these impactful projects into smaller, readily-financed fractions. This allows your employees to contribute tangibly, with project contributions starting as low as one Bravvo!

At Bravvo, we’re constantly looking for serious partners who share our values and passion for making a positive impact. If your organization is aligned with our mission, we encourage you to join us! 


From Millennials to Gen Z, turn your employees into genuine culture advocates and build your employer brand with Bravvo.


Why impact-driven rewards and not traditional gifts ?
Because cash rewards are outdated.

An easy-to-use recognition platform powered by impact-driven rewards.

Start with Meaningful Recognition. End with Lasting Impact. Bravvo fuels employee growth and ignites excitement around recognition.

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