A global employee engament platform that scales.

Beyond the flashy features,
it's about delivering genuine value.

Management Tool

Bravvo is not a gimmick; it harnesses the power of AI to assist managers in effectively empowering their teams on a daily basis.

We’ll partner together to plan a best-in-class engagement program.


Recognition for Good

Bravvo offers an exciting global menu of hand-curated impact programs.

Employees get to choose their favorite causes, meaning your CSR program is no longer one-size-fits all.

Power of Purpose

Recognition with Bravvo shows your employees that you care about them as humans, demonstrating authentic gratitude.

Employees are eager to discuss the impact they have made with their coworkers, families, and friends, thereby creating a ripple effect of recognition.


Think of Bravvo Points® as your universal purpose currency.​

1. Get Bravvo Points ®

Each month, your employees receive a predetermined Bravvo point allowance to recognize their peers. Managers have access to additional allowances through preset challenges and reward programs.

2. Accumulate Bravvo Points ®

Each time an achievement happens, such as sales success, referral of a new employee, or succeeding an internal challenge, your employees receive and accumulate Bravo points.

3. Convert Bravvo Points ®

Your employees can convert their earned Bravo points into meaningful personal or social impacts from day one.


Bravvo is designed with the essential features to help you run a successful engagement program effortlessly.

With over 150+ preset templates, you can easily create challenges and awards programs. Recognize employees using our AI-generated guided recognition flow for comprehensive and coherent acknowledgments. Access over 480 curated global impact projects. Automate milestone celebrations. Customize Bravvo to match your company’s colors and logo. Rest assured with our enterprise-level security features, ensuring a confident partnership.


Share great value-aligned achievements.

Bravvo includes social features such as a real-time news feed, comments, and “likes.” 

This fosters a sense of community, allows colleagues to support each other, and helps in monitoring company values and colleague profiles.


Elevate your recognitions with generative AI.

Employees are provided with an allowance to give bonuses to their colleagues as a way to recognize their contributions.

These recognitions are displayed in a public feed, promoting transparency and peer-to-peer appreciation.


Democratize your CSR actions.

Employees can redeem their earned rewards from an extensive, 100% impact-driven rewards catalog.

All projects are curated by our global partners, including B1G1. You can add your own Impact projects.

This feature allows employees to choose rewards that are meaningful to them.


Skyrocket your teams performances.

Bravvo offers claimable awards for employees who actively contribute to achieving company initiatives.

This encourages proactive behavior and goal attainment.


Host Your Team's Own Oscars!

Managers can recognize and reward employees through AI-generated programs. 

These programs can be tailored to align with the company’s goals and objectives.

Screen Shot 2024-04-28 at 10.25.10 AM

Elevate Performance with Data-Driven Insights.

The platform provides easy-to-interpret analytics, including a live dashboard that tracks recognition and engagement data. 

These insights can be used to improve workforce management and decision-making.

stats page

Automate important celebrations.

Bravvo automates the process of sending greetings to employees on important occasions, such as their onboarding, birthdays, and work anniversaries. 

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Craft Your Unique Identity.

Bravvo can be customized to reflect the unique brand identity of the organization. 

This helps reinforce a sense of ownership and alignment with the company’s corporate image.

Looking for the best way to reward, recognize and incentivize your top people? ​

Connect with our team for a personalized demo of our recognition and rewards platform and see our hand-curated impact programs.