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Upgrade your employee engagement program with impact-focused rewards. With Bravvo’s 400+ Challenges and Awards templates, managers can elevate programs for anniversaries, referrals, spot recognition, and sales incentives. 

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Bravvo is your secret weapon for building a high-performing team. Motivate employees, celebrate wins, and track impact – all in one platform. Empower your team, boost engagement, and watch results soar.

8 Ways Bravvo Supercharges Engagement and Results

1. Boosting Your Sales Performance

Motivate your sales team by setting up recognition goals tied to specific sales milestones. Award points for exceeding quotas, closing high-value deals, or exceeding customer satisfaction targets. Allow points to be redeemed for rewards that incentivize continued performance, like team outings, professional development opportunities, or charitable donations in their name.

2. Supercharging Your Referral Program

Encourage employee participation in your referral program by awarding points for successful referrals. This incentivizes employees to actively recommend top talent, improving the candidate pool for your company.

3. Smoother Onboarding Experiences

Integrate Bravvo into your onboarding process. Recognize new hires for completing training modules or achieving milestones. Encourage team members to welcome and support newcomers with points redeemable for personalized gifts or team lunches. This fosters a welcoming environment and helps integrate new hires faster.

4. Enhancing One-on-One Meetings

Use Bravvo recognition data to identify employee strengths and areas for development. During one-on-one meetings, acknowledge employee achievements recognized by peers and use that as a springboard for discussions on career growth.

5. Energizing Team Stand-Up Meetings

Integrate Bravvo shoutouts and leaderboards into your team stand-ups. Celebrate team and individual achievements, generating positive energy and motivating continued success.

6. Building High-Performance Teams

Leverage Bravvo's recognition data to populate performance and potential matrices. Identify consistent high performers as well as employees with high potential for development. Use the data to guide team structure, training opportunities, and career planning discussions.

7. Nurturing a Culture of Innovation

Encourage creative problem-solving and innovative thinking by rewarding employees who propose and implement successful new ideas. This can be done through dedicated point categories or by leadership recognition within Bravvo.

8. Improving Employee Wellness

Promote healthy habits and employee well-being with Bravvo. Award points for completing fitness challenges, participating in wellness workshops, or achieving work-life balance goals. Allow points to be redeemed for rewards that encourage healthy lifestyle choices, such as gym memberships or mental health resources.


No matter the program, we’ll partner to make it a success.

We pride ourselves on being a thoughtful, consultative and hands-on partner. No matter the business need, we offer tools and best practices to assist each phase of your program. Together we’ll help craft a program that’s easy for you and delightful for employees. Our partnership offerings include:

Program Planning

We offer program planning guides and budget calculators to help you design a program with a well-thought-out structure, timeline & budget.

Implementation & Support

Leading up to launch, you’ll be paired with a member of our Implementation team, who will handle platform configuration and coach you through a seamless & successful launch.

Client Success

Our Account Management team shares utilization data and feedback trends, introduces you to new product features, and guides you with recognition best practices – whatever it takes to keep your program going strong.


Ready-to-Go Challenges & Awards: Empower Your Team Instantly

Bravvo empowers you to launch impactful recognition programs effortlessly. Access our library of 150+ pre-built challenges and award templates, categorized by:

  • Industry: Find industry-specific challenges relevant to your team’s work (e.g., Pharma, Telco, Manufacturing).
  • Role: Recognize achievements across various roles (e.g., Marketing, Sales, IT).
  • Objective: Align recognition with your company goals (e.g., Increasing revenue, Expanding market share, Boosting employee engagement).

Download and customize templates in minutes to motivate your team, celebrate success, and drive results from day one!

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